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Randi Schleider, ADHD Coach, Coaching for Intent
I was fortunate to have joined the ADDCA program February 2019.  The entire experience has been outstanding. The extensive knowledge, and passion of the Master Coaches comes through during each class they teach.

As part of my program during Basic I was focused on receiving my AAC certificate. I had the privilege of joining Dana Maher's Mentor Coaching program. Dana conducted each of our classes with compassion, humor and a vast amount of experience. She kindly shared very valuable and concrete advice that I am utilizing today with my clients. Dana was open and available for advice during the class and I continue to feel supported by her today.

Her encouraging words truly helped me move forward to achieving  my first goal in obtaining my  AAC certificate!! . I am happy to have been connected to Dana, and has made me feel part of the ADDCA community. Thanks Dana!!


Mary Fernandez, former President, MentorNet, a division of Great Minds in STEM, AT&T
Dana is a highly insightful and compassionate coach who helped me identify and carry out meaningful and constructive personal and professional changes. She is particularly sensitive and aware of the challenges faced by women in high-tech careers. I looked forward to our weekly meetings and left each meeting feeling empowered and uplifted. I recommend her enthusiastically!

October 12, 2013


Jelane Caspar

Sales Director, Strategic & Public Sector Accounts, Vodaphone Americas
Sometimes just asking the right question at the right moment can change everything. Dana was my partner through a big change in my life. Her intuition and insight helped me gain fresh perspective. I highly recommend her as a coach.
June 28, 2015

Joseph Leibrandt 
Joseph Leibrandt
Project Manager in Electronic Health Records Implementation
I started working with Dana because I needed help with how to go about changing careers. I think she is very gifted when it comes to understanding the needs of her clients and listening to their concerns. She had some very practical advice for my job search, but, perhaps more importantly, she was extremely encouraging to me at a time in my life when I was often tempted to just give up. My wife would always notice the change in my attitude and demeanor after my phone sessions with Dana. Thanks to her, I eventually landed a great job that I find very interesting and that I actually really like! I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance to make a positive change in their life.
November 3, 2015

B.W., College Student
I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Maher as one of her ADHD coaching clients for the past five months, as we began our coaching sessions in the beginning of October. From the very beginning, Mrs. Maher was nothing but professional and business oriented, while also inquisitive and compassionate to the dilemmas I shared with her. Her schedule was always extremely flexible to fit times that worked best for both her and I, and she never showed any sort of anger or frustration in any situation when I could not meet at a certain time. When I shared with her a problem or trouble I had, she would help me address the situation and find multiple ways to either ease the stress, or steps to take to help the situation.

Mrs. Maher’s attitude is another characteristic that made her such a pleasure to work with. From the first minute until the last of every conversation, she always showed a positive attitude and positive state of mind, asking questions to delve deeper into root of the problem. Personally, I thought that the flow of our conversations were always constant and intellectual, as we would discuss personal traits and coping techniques that we had experience with in certain situations.

My decision to discontinue with the coaching conversations at the end of March 2015 was simply because I felt that Mrs. Maher had done her job to the fullest extent. She successfully helped me gain a better understanding of not only myself as an ADHD client, but as a 21-year-old college student. Her techniques and ways of approaching different situations helped me to address problems I was facing, and there was never a situation that did not end up getting resolved. Mrs. Maher is exemplary of the professional standard and expectation because of her love and dedication to her job. I would highly recommend her service to anyone who seeks ADHD coaching support, and could not be happier with the job she did during our time working together.
March 29, 2015


Lauren B. Antonelli  

Lauren B. Antonelli, Executive Advisor, B2B Product Marketing at CVS Health/Caremark
Experienced. Supportive. Encouraging. These are just a few of the many words that describe Dana and her approach to personal and professional coaching. I was lucky enough to work with Dana at a significant turning point in my career - a point many of us face when we come to a fork in the road and consider choosing the path less traveled. Dana not only helps you consider the big picture, she also helps you get grounded and focused on the day-to-day steps you can take to achieve small and big goals. And, she helps you celebrate each and every success along the way. Dana has an incredible ability to help you see things from new perspectives and uncover beliefs that may be holding you back. I highly recommend Dana. 
October 9, 2014


Joanne Miguel, Product Strategy Director at Crossix Solutions
I started working with Dana as my personal coach this Summer and she has since been my accountability partner. I came to her with a long list of “to DOs”. Through our sessions, she has helped me sort through the clutter and focus on what is really important. She encouraged me to come up with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals , which allowed me to acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments at work and at home. Dana is always accessible and gives me honest, non-judgemental feedback, which always forces me to think, but not overthink, before I do. 
Working with Dana has allowed me to put things in their right place -- I even created a roadmap for my art and career and I’m always excited to share my milestones with her! 
October 29, 2014


Kirsten Milliken Kirsten Milliken, Poobah of Play at PlayDHD
If only life were easy…..wait! It is easy with a coach like Dana 


I have known Dana since we were students together in our coaching class. She was the only other one to graduate and get certified with me. Both personally and professionally we just seemed to click. It’s no surprise that when I found myself in need of a new coach to keep me on track with my multitude of projects, Dana was the only one I knew who could coach me and hold me accountable. Dana always knows the right question to ask to make me think about all of the “stuff” that is going on in my head so I can get perspective and follow the best path for me. She listens well and is fabulous at helping me to see the big picture and put things in perspective. One of the challenges we have as humans is seeing ourselves clearly across time. Figuring out our own habits and patterns. As my coach Dana has been able to help me get better perspective on how I get in my own way, what is most important to me, and where I do my best. With her support as my coach I have made more progress in a short few weeks than I made all last year on 3 projects. I like life being easy… thanks to Dana. 
October 9, 2014

Judy G., Parent
Dana Maher is truly an excellent coach.  She has been working with my college age daughter for the past year focusing on organization skills, defining and prioritizing goals, and outlining strategies to achieve those goals.  Dana’s ability to connect with my daughter, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, creates a trusting relationship and a productive environment for personal growth.  Together, they work towards reducing my daughter’s anxieties and developing the strategies to build the academic and social life she desires.  Dana is a perfect combination of strength and kindness --I recommend her without reservation.

January 5, 2015








Kathy Tunis-Salas  Kathy Tunis-Salas, Personal Coach Specializing ADHD & Bipolar Disorder

 Dana is an amazing Personal Coach. After working with her for just three months, I was able to accomplish something I didn't think was possible. I highly recommend her. Anyone who uses Dana as a Coach will be working with the best!
October 11, 2012

Shelby R., Student
Dana taught me some very useful techniques that have really helped me with my grades. One of them is teaching me how to ask my teachers for help when I don’t understand a concept. Before Dana, I was afraid because I did not want the teachers to think I was stupid for not understanding something they went over in class. Dana’s coaching helped me see that teachers don’t expect students to get it all in class and that students are supposed to ask questions and that’s normal and I just had to learn how to ask the questions appropriately. Dana also helped me figure out the best way for me to keep track of my assignments with a planner that worked for me. I need a big planner—bigger than what I was using. She’s really good at helping you see solutions to these sorts of everyday issues.

December 26, 2014


Ken W, New Jersey
I am pleased to write this recommendation in respect of the coaching services provided by Ms. Dana Maher. 
My son was diagnosed with moderate ADHD during his sophomore year of college and, during consultation with his primary physician, it was suggested that we engage Ms. Maher to work with him. The physician felt that Ms. Maher could help my son to improve his organizational, time management and prioritization skills, as these typically are qualities which are adversely affected in someone afflicted with ADHD.

Over the past six months, Ms. Maher has provided bi-monthly hour-long consultations with my son, during which time they worked together to identify issues of concern and develop strategies to help overcome difficulties he was facing. In addition, these conversations served to strengthen his ability to prioritize requirements and provided him with the tools necessary to work toward achieving success.
I am very pleased with the changes I have seen in my son’s behavior and maturity. He possesses an enhanced sense of personal confidence and is focused on attaining his near-term goals. His academic performance exhibits a significant improvement and he has greater clarity with regard to his preferred future vocation. I am confident that these positive changes are directly attributable to the lessons learned during his coaching sessions with Ms. Dana Maher.
March 25, 2015

Ruth Anne Robbins, Professor at Rutgers School of Law - Camden Dana Maher has been working with our middle schooler daughter. Dana has helped help her with organization and other executive functioning tasks. The fact that our daughter has an expert to talk to has made our family life much more peaceful. And it has helped our daughter feel as confident about her academic abilities as the rest of us are about them. Dana clearly loves what she does and it shows in the kindness and attentiveness she has brought to this work. She has made it her business to become highly attuned to our daughter's personality, and preferences, and, by doing so, has come up with a plan that is unique, creative, and that "fits" with my daughter. My daughter's teachers have also found the plans easy to implement at school. I am a convert to personal coaching for kids who struggle with executive functioning skills. And I especially recommend Dana Maher. 
June 10, 2012



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