Who Works With Dana

 Dana's clients are

 - Professionals in STEM careers and/or academia, many of whom are women in technology. They work together on their personal growth, life satisfaction, career development and interactions/management of colleagues.

 - Adults diagnosed or who have symptoms of ADHD and/or Asperger's Syndrome, now diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder many of whom have difficulties with organization, time management,  and social situations, at home and work. They work together to understand and appreciate their strengths, talents and unique brain wiring to overcome the barriers that are getting in their way of leading the lives they desire. 

 - Entrepreneurs/Coaches. They work together to grow and further themselves and their businesses. ICF and PAAC compliant, mentor coaching is available.

 - Individuals who are overwhelmed, stressed and not living up to their potential and want to move forward in their lives. They work together to calm the chaos and focus on what is really important to the client. 


Dana loves working with her clients to learn about themselves, their strengths and talents and using them to overcome barriers and grow personally and professionally. 



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